APPiT – Software Development

Who We Are

APPiT is a boutique digital transformation consultancy. We help supply chain, logistics, and health care companies reimagine their impact through digital engineering. Our integration solutions boost productivity by over 20%.

Our Mission

We have our sights set on a new digital horizon in the logistics industry and beyond. We aim to assist our clients in maximizing their profit and productivity through minimal time and capital investments.
Software Integration
Cloud Infrastructure

Meet Our Founder

Luis Flores

Logistics Integration Solution Expert

During my logistics career I became aware of the two most pressing issues in the industry – Real Time Support, and Scalability.

Logistics is a 24/7 industry. There is no time for downed systems. Major software integration is no excuse. We help our clients integrate into cloud-based infrastructure that is both secure and readily accessible.

I have found that when real time support is accessible and running smoothly – scaling your business comes naturally. It’s amazing what can be accomplished when everyone is on the same page, with access to the necessary information.

Our streamlined real time support solutions allow companies to scale without having to hire IT employees.

Our Clients

Ready to boost your productivity by 20%